Welcome!  My name is Stacy, and I am stoked to have you here.  Instead of boring you with a drawn out "about me", how about some short & sweet facts instead.  

my business name, SNL, stands for my initials

i am currently raising my four children, ranging from 17 to 3

in order they are girl -- boy -- girl -- boy

each was born in their own season -- winter spring summer and fall

i took a photography business break from 2010 to 2015

i went vegan in 2012, meaning NO meat and NO dairy... yes, that includes cheese  

in my late 30's I got my first tattoo; i now have four

i am an essential oil lover and wellness advocate for doTERRA

on a regular year, i will only straighten my hair once

i am a smoothieaholic...drink them daily!

i am

team iPhone

instagram addict


light chaser

jesus Lover



let all that you do be done in love

1cor 16-18