Welcome to my new blog.  I'm so excited to be back!  It's been a long time I know and I've missed everyone.  This has been in the works for what seems like forever.  Finally it's finished!

So what have I been doing.  Oh just being a momma.  

Maya is now 17 and a senior.

Isaiah is 16 and a sophomore.

Kaylah is in first grade.

And Jeremiah is in pre-school.

My life is full and very busy and I wouldn't change it at all.  I'm so very blessed this I know for certain.  I thank God for them daily. 

I plan to keep this blog up-to-date with personal happenings and ramblings as well as photography related things.   

Thanks for stopping by I'll be back again soon.  

But wait I can't come on here and not post a picture right......Here is one from Maya's senior session this past fall.  Stay tuned for more images to come.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram.


snl seniors