number 20

Last week we celebrated our senior 🎓 girls .  I wanted to share with you the posters made for Maya that night.  

This was the first poster I saw when I walked into the school.  Her teammates all wrote parting words to each girl.

This poster is so beautiful.  Maya plans to take this to college with her.  

I located this from a session we did for her 13th birthday AFTER the game.  I have to admit I'm guilty of not printing enough of our images and I really need to submit a huge order and get things printed for my family.  They do us no good sitting on hard drives that's for sure. 


Here we have (from left to right) her younger brother Isaiah, myself, Maya, her father Torrey and Coach Kelly.  Y'all I was so proud I didn't shed a tear this night.  {thank you Sarah for this image}

Our five seniors.  {Maya, Kima, Arianna, Anneslee & Caile}

This image is from a different game but I just love it! 

And then there was this.....goodness I adore this poster.  Maya's friend Ariana worked on this one.  Maya was about three or four here.  The first time she "played" basketball in Leesburg, Virginia at Douglas Community Center.  Tonight the Warren County girls go on to play against William Monroe for conference 28 quarterfinals.  I'm super excited for them and win or loose it's been a very enjoyable season.  Play your game girls.  🏀❤️

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